Some thoughts on yoga

Yoga is the most known and yet the most subjective discipline. There are a lot of explanations what yoga is about, starting from those that yoga is a union coming to the conclusion that yoga is not merely a set of physical exercises. Everybody seems to know everything about yoga. When we say this word, “yoga”, we think of a yoga studio with people doing some strange acrobatic stretches. If you do think so it means you are in the beginning.

The motherland of yoga is India. Yoga is far more complicated system then the set of physical postures, in Sanskrit asanas. To be sincere nobody even knows how exactly, when and where yoga was developed. Some scIentists say 5 thousand years ago, some say that 2 thousand, and most probably the world would never discover the exact date and place. There are so many ways, approaches and styles to do yoga that one gets easily lost. They all can serve you at particular moment of your life.

There is one thing you should know about yoga. It’s one of many tools, instruments and methods to help us live our life at its best and fullest. Pick up and choose what is best for you and move on.

Black Hole

When you feel your life is a mess, and it sucks. No hope, no energy, nothing left. What would you do? I’ve got some steps for you folks, hope they can help you.

1. Realize that you are in the black hole. Many people have this tendency to deny their actual location as the one in the black hole although it’s dark, tight, and you can barely breathe there. Some even insist that place is real comfort and security and people who live otherwise are suffering.

2. Realize that your black hole has its beginning and its ending. Eventually everything is this world comes to an end and life is much bigger and much more interesting than an individual black hole.

3. Find the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s very important to find out where the exit is. Usually the exit is where you can hear the noise. In other words you find the exit when you find people. Going deep inside yourself, seeking God, and becoming spiritual jerk is not the solution because it will lead you to your black hole again.

4. Open up. This is the most difficult one. If this is impossible for you, go back to step number 1. You have to realize where you are. Realization where you are and that this situation has its end, gives you clarity about your next steps. It’s like having a fear of fresh air suffocating in a black hole. You fear fresh air, because you don’t fully realize the danger and the damage your black hole makes to you. You can’t accumulate energy and save it for you, any constipation leads to intoxication, not wealth accumulation. You have more energy when you spend more of it, when you communicate and exchange it with the world.

5. Don’t expect the outcome here and now. You go out to the world full of enthusiasm to open up, you give something to people and you expect to get immediate appreciation, love and respect, and when you don’t get it you feel offended. People are not obliged to love you just because, it’s your own duty. Patience pays guys.