Detox Program. Where to start with?

Before you start Detox Program ask yourself two really important questions:

1. Why do I want to change? What goals do I want to reach? Questions to these answers are very important for you. Why? Because they will give you an idea of what do you really want and understanding why for you’ll be doing Detox Program.

2. What will be the final result/results? Which things do I want to get rid of? What do I want to obtain? How exactly will I look at the end of the Program?

Write the detailed answers to these questions. They may seem like very easy ones, but it may take you several days to write all the answers.

Remember: details matter. If you want to loose wieght – how many pounds do you exactly want to loose? What are the things which you can start doing after the Program and which you have never ever done before? Maybe you’ll wear some new clothes? If yes which style or color? Maybe you’ll stop communicating with some people, maybe some people will stay in your life, so who will stay and who will go, etc?