Detox Program

Get slimmer and happier with me here and now!

The secret ingredient of this program is cutting down stress, anxiety and pressure which overweight people experience throughout their life, always scolding and hating themselves for overeating and being constantly unhappy with their weight.

We will change our attitude towards ourselves. We will treat ourselves as loved, cared for, slim and happy people who can change themselves. We also will be changing our way of living – this is the only condition on your path of loosing weight. Changing your way of living is your 100% guarantee of loosing your extra weight.

The second stage of the program is a detox itself based on the main principles of macrobiotics, and which for a first few days limits the range of the products, but it’s only for 3-4 days, and you won’t have any limitations in quantity of food.

You must also remember that we don’t have any limitations whatsoever! Detox part is recommended, so if one day you feel a strong urge to eat something else, something different from what is recommended for you this day, you just go and eat it and then calmly come back to the Detox plan! 

Detox Program, how it usually happens:

  • Duration of the Detox Program is 3-4 weeks
  • 4 Skype consultations, duration of each consultation is 1 hour
  • Homework every day + feedback from me
  • You get my working WhatsApp number, where you are sending to me your done homework and I’m giving you a feedback in real time


  • Only organic products accessible in any country all over the world!
  • Individual approach!
  • We work with the psychology of eating!
  • No extra pills, powders, teas or any marketing items!
  • You can repeat this program at any time!
  • By following all tasks you get stable results!

To get Detox Program with me you should write me a message in any social network briefly describing your situation. Then, we set up time to meet in Skype and have detailed discussion about your situation, what you want to change, what you want to work with, which results you want to obtain, etc. and we set up the start date of the Detox Program.

During first couple of weeks, you eat freely the food you’re used to eat without any limitations. During this period my clients loose from 3 to 7 kg. Then we will start eating simple natural food, step by step introducing new ingredients – vegetables, fruit, fish and meat. People who don’t want to loose weight, but only to detox and clean themselves usually loose 2-3 kg. Overweight people can loose 15-22 kg in two months. Of course if you don’t want to go for the Detox part you can skip it and you’ll get your results anyhow, but please keep in mind that Detox part makes the whole process faster. 

Before doing Detox Program you should always consult with your doctor first whether you have contraindications.