Iryna Ivanchenko


Iryna started her yoga path in 2010 in Ukraine, her first experience was with Iyengar yoga style. Then she moved to Mexico and went deep into yoga, not only attending classes at yoga studios, but also learning philosophy of yoga as well. In 2011 she started practicing Kundalini Yoga in Mexico.

And in 2012 Iryna made her first trip to India, to participate in Kundalini Yoga retreat at the footsteps of Himalayas. She loved India so much that had decided to come back and study more yoga there, in the cradle of yoga and motherland of spiritual teachers.

So, she did come back to India and from July 2013 to March 2014  was living in Aurovalley ashram, Rishikesh, studying yoga and giving classes of hatha yoga to the people who were to coming to this ashram all over the world. It was quite amazing and inspiring experience which brought Iryna to the realization that each and every of us has great potential within and we should be masters of our own life.

After India Iryna came back to Mexico and took Teacher Training Yoga Course in Queretaro city, Yoga Alliance RYS 200 with TJ Jackson, the student of famous Dharma Mittra yoga teacher who resides and teaches in New York. In Mexico she was giving yoga classes to both adults and children.

She also participated in various Kundalini Yoga retreats and White Tantras all over the world, including USA, Mexico, Latin America, Europe and India.

It’s in Mexico where Iryna has developed the unique and one of a kind Detox Program. This Program is not a diet, or obsessive calculation of calories, this is a great tool which was designed to help understand our body, our eating habits, and make our life healthier and happier. 

Iryna speaks fluently English, Spanish and Russian and works with her clients in any of these languages.

Some thoughts on yoga

Yoga is the most known and yet the most subjective discipline. There are a lot of explanations what yoga is about, starting from those that yoga is a union coming to the conclusion that yoga is not merely a set of physical exercises. Everybody seems to know everything about yoga. When we say this word, “yoga”, we think of a yoga studio with people doing some strange acrobatic stretches. If you do think so it means you are in the beginning.

The motherland of yoga is India. Yoga is far more complicated system then the set of physical postures, in Sanskrit asanas. To be sincere nobody even knows how exactly, when and where yoga was developed. Some scIentists say 5 thousand years ago, some say that 2 thousand, and most probably the world would never discover the exact date and place. There are so many ways, approaches and styles to do yoga that one gets easily lost. They all can serve you at particular moment of your life.

There is one thing you should know about yoga. It’s one of many tools, instruments and methods to help us live our life at its best and fullest. Pick up and choose what is best for you and move on.

Detox Program

Get slimmer and happier with me here and now!

The secret ingredient of this program is cutting down stress, anxiety and pressure which overweight people experience throughout their life, always scolding and hating themselves for overeating and being constantly unhappy with their weight.

We will change our attitude towards ourselves. We will treat ourselves as loved, cared for, slim and happy people who can change themselves. We also will be changing our way of living – this is the only condition on your path of loosing weight. Changing your way of living is your 100% guarantee of loosing your extra weight.

The second stage of the program is a detox itself based on the main principles of macrobiotics, and which for a first few days limits the range of the products, but it’s only for 3-4 days, and you won’t have any limitations in quantity of food.

You must also remember that we don’t have any limitations whatsoever! Detox part is recommended, so if one day you feel a strong urge to eat something else, something different from what is recommended for you this day, you just go and eat it and then calmly come back to the Detox plan! 

Detox Program, how it usually happens:

  • Duration of the Detox Program is 3-4 weeks
  • 4 Skype consultations, duration of each consultation is 1 hour
  • Homework every day + feedback from me
  • You get my working WhatsApp number, where you are sending to me your done homework and I’m giving you a feedback in real time


  • Only organic products accessible in any country all over the world!
  • Individual approach!
  • We work with the psychology of eating!
  • No extra pills, powders, teas or any marketing items!
  • You can repeat this program at any time!
  • By following all tasks you get stable results!

To get Detox Program with me you should write me a message in any social network briefly describing your situation. Then, we set up time to meet in Skype and have detailed discussion about your situation, what you want to change, what you want to work with, which results you want to obtain, etc. and we set up the start date of the Detox Program.

During first couple of weeks, you eat freely the food you’re used to eat without any limitations. During this period my clients loose from 3 to 7 kg. Then we will start eating simple natural food, step by step introducing new ingredients – vegetables, fruit, fish and meat. People who don’t want to loose weight, but only to detox and clean themselves usually loose 2-3 kg. Overweight people can loose 15-22 kg in two months. Of course if you don’t want to go for the Detox part you can skip it and you’ll get your results anyhow, but please keep in mind that Detox part makes the whole process faster. 

Before doing Detox Program you should always consult with your doctor first whether you have contraindications.


Detox Program. Where to start with?

Before you start Detox Program ask yourself two really important questions:

1. Why do I want to change? What goals do I want to reach? Questions to these answers are very important for you. Why? Because they will give you an idea of what do you really want and understanding why for you’ll be doing Detox Program.

2. What will be the final result/results? Which things do I want to get rid of? What do I want to obtain? How exactly will I look at the end of the Program?

Write the detailed answers to these questions. They may seem like very easy ones, but it may take you several days to write all the answers.

Remember: details matter. If you want to loose wieght – how many pounds do you exactly want to loose? What are the things which you can start doing after the Program and which you have never ever done before? Maybe you’ll wear some new clothes? If yes which style or color? Maybe you’ll stop communicating with some people, maybe some people will stay in your life, so who will stay and who will go, etc?